Ready for ENDgame VIP Package [PoE BOOST PC]


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We will boost Your character by 85 lvl. Preparing Your chosen build. Complete 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Labs. Complete full questline 10 acts (all passive quests).

You will get

  • Pre-BIS gear
  • Needed for Your build Flasks
  • Gems
  • Stack (80) Tier 6-10 Maps
  • Start currency pack: Chaos orb x50, Cartographer’s Chisel x100, Chromatic Orb x100, Jeweller’s Orb x100, Orb of Alchemy x100, Orb of Fusing x100, Orb of Scouring x100

NO Bots, NO Cheats, 100% Handwork

ETA: Service will be done in 2-3 days.

IMPORTANT: During boosting process DO NOT log in to your account, please wait for driver to complete your order first. Our support working 24/7 (Skype, Discord, Live Chat on our website) and you can ask about progression.

ATTENTION: Please, do not mention about RMT in game (for safety reason). We are always on-line and ready to answer any questions you may have (Skype, Discord, Live Chat on our website)

NOTE: If You don’t find needed item or service, please contact with our operator (Skype, Discord, Live Chat on our website) and we will create a Special Offer for You.

Additional information

Choose Ligue

Standart SoftCore PC, Standart HardCore PC, Synthesis SoftCore PC, Synthesis HardCore PC


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