Farm Tier 15-16 Maps [PoE BOOST PC]


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We will boost You through tier 15-16 maps. Maps are the main type of endgame content in Path of Exile. By placing them in a map device, maps can be consumed to create a randomized instance in which monsters can be fought.

NO Bots, NO Cheats, 100% Handwork

REQUIREMENTS: Full questline (1-10 acts) complete

This service is possible piloted or selfplay way.


  • For piloted. During boosting process DO NOT log in to your account, please wait for driver to complete your order first. Our support working 24/7 (Skype, Discord, Live Chat on our website) and you can ask about progression.
  • For selfplay. Be careful, You can enter the map limited times. Don’t die and don’t leave map zone.

ATTENTION: Please, do not mention about RMT in game (for safety reason). We are always on-line and ready to answer any questions you may have (Skype, Discord, Live Chat on our website)

NOTE: If You don’t find needed item or service, please contact with our operator (Skype, Discord, Live Chat on our website) and we will create a Special Offer for You.


Selfplay – You will play your character during the run;

Piloted – We will play your character during the run;

Specific map – You can choose map(s) which you need to complete

Additional information

Choose Ligue

Standart SoftCore PC, Synthesis SoftCore PC

Boosting Method

Piloted, Selfplay +20%

Number of Runs

1 run 4 EUR, 3 runs 10.5 EUR, 5 runs15 EUR, 10 runs 20 EUR

Specific Map

Random, Specific Map +20%


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